Monday, 7 February 2011

Abacus DND 2011 - Jan 28th


The chairman of a new upcoming committee

Happy moments


Charlie (???) Angels

Agile team

[WM] I'm so happy for you ...
[HM] Hahahaa... ya..yaaa... I believe ...

[FQ] So how is GLIB db? going to increase the size?
[KS] Dunno, dunno ... headache lar (bitter laugh)

Balloons game

Mdm. Sherlock Holmes and Lucky Luke in action

Push, push, pushh..... (ups, I meant) blow, blow, blow ...

Man from mars (???)

Reminder, don't do this at home!!!

Toast for this year, better bonus, qvc, increment ...

Toast for Solution Support ...
[SS] (silently) Thank you, thank you

No need to toast, 'makan banyak' is good enough already, said table captain (the guy stood on left)

The winners

Ehm... I got the same price as his

Was hungry ghost started earlier this year?

Night jogging

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