Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Hammie in memoriam - Jun 12th 9:05PM

It has been for 2 years and 3 months Hammie with us. Initially we had no plan about adopting baby hamster till my wife's friend's friend offer 2 weeks baby hamster due to their daughter could not care anymore. We felt doubt as we never had hamster before how we thought 'give a shot', migth be interesting and challenging.

It was very though at beginning, Hammie was so naughty and ate a lot. When we brought him to vet due to tumor on his ear, the vet said he was to fat.

It's quite costly, S$180, however we felt he deserved to be treated well. Some of our friends called us 'nuts', the baby hamster is just about S$10, why did we spend so much on treatment? And it's not the 1st and last, there were another 2nd and 3rd visit due to ward.

As days passed, we felt Hammie is as part of our family. When I returned back from office, I looked for him even usually he's sleeping (nocturnal, sleeps in morning and afternoon, active at night). When we went for holiday, we tried very hard to get a good pet hotel who really took care of him.

Soon he became spoiled. He liked to lick from ice cube instead of water bottle. His favorite food is sun seed however he's lazy enough to peel so we did on behalf.

For the past 2 weeks, his condition was drop drastically. He was so weak even when he moved he might fall down. Since that day, we fed him food and water. He approached our hand and slept for few minutes, he felt very comfortable and embraced. Till yesterday night, Jun 12th, he almost could not walk so we took him and put in our hand for a while. He slept peacefully and within a few minutes suddenly he woke up, his eyes was pop up and his hands was stretched hardly. Then we saw his heartbeat was gone ... Hammie was died ...

There are a lot of memories with Hammie, even it's just a small creature however it does give a big impact in our live. We learn a lot how to take care Hammie, so naughty, demanding, ... sometimes we got upset of his attitude however he brought us smile and happiness also.

Good by Hammie, thank you for being our friend and part of our family. We love you so much ... words not enough to express our feeling ...

Jun 11th, could feel he was so week ... even slept at may hand

Jun 12th, died in my hand ...

Goodbye Hammie, we love you so much ... 

He was covered with tissue advised by Pet Cremation staff as they would pick up tomorrow morning.

Some memories of Hammie

"I always pray before eating"

Gotcha! Wanna play hide and seek cutie?

"Mommy ... help me ..."

My favorite food is sun seed

Embrace in hand

First time sand bathing

So tired ...

I love ice cube so much

I want to break free

I smell freedom ...

"Am I a naughty mom/dad?"

“Thank you for sharing your life and your home with me, thank you for all the love and the care you gave to me, I was fortunate to have had a good owner that cared so much for me”

We love you so much Hammie. Thanks for being our 'kid' for the last 2 years and 3 months. You taught us a lot for being a new parent.

Jun 12th, 2011