Saturday, 19 February 2011

Japan 2nd trip 7th day, Sep 25th, Asahikawa Station - Hokkaido

A 90-second television advertisement featuring a man traveling by train, soaking in images of people working and good food, won the highest award of the National Association of Commercial Broadcasters. At the end of the advertisement, a train station appears — isolated at the border of the Okhotsk Sea.

This is JR Kitahama Station.

As one of three unmanned stations along a single-track railway between Kushiro and Abashiri at the east end of Hokkaido, Kitahama Station appears to be in the middle of nowhere.

The walls of the station's small waiting room are covered with passengers' memorabilia.
Some fishermen enjoying their weekend.

It's not just a fish, it's a SALMON !!!

Monday, 7 February 2011

Abacus DND 2011 - Jan 28th


The chairman of a new upcoming committee

Happy moments


Charlie (???) Angels

Agile team

[WM] I'm so happy for you ...
[HM] Hahahaa... ya..yaaa... I believe ...

[FQ] So how is GLIB db? going to increase the size?
[KS] Dunno, dunno ... headache lar (bitter laugh)

Balloons game

Mdm. Sherlock Holmes and Lucky Luke in action

Push, push, pushh..... (ups, I meant) blow, blow, blow ...

Man from mars (???)

Reminder, don't do this at home!!!

Toast for this year, better bonus, qvc, increment ...

Toast for Solution Support ...
[SS] (silently) Thank you, thank you

No need to toast, 'makan banyak' is good enough already, said table captain (the guy stood on left)

The winners

Ehm... I got the same price as his

Was hungry ghost started earlier this year?

Night jogging