Saturday, 22 January 2011

Japan 2nd trip 7th day, Sep 24th Afternoon, The Abashiri Prison - Hokkaido

In this museum, the buildings that were actually in use in the Meiji era have been kept and shown to the public. The oldest building was built 109 years ago. It was built 6 years after the prison was established. In those days,construction wood was made by hands, not by machines So you can see the rough surface of the big beams and pillars that the prisoners made

Nice room
Pls come in

OMG, got caught !!!


Met the yakuza

The complex

Andy Lau???

The escape

Saturday, 1 January 2011

Japan 2nd trip 7th day, Sep 24th Morning, Cha-Cha World a wooden toy museum, Ikutahara - Hokkaido

The Cha-Cha World, a wooden toy museum is styled so as to resemble a German wooden toy castle with towers and gaudy colors.

An impressively huge collection of 100,000+ wooden toys from all over the world is housed in the castle-like building. From mechanical toys to music boxes to Japanese dolls. On the 2nd floor, there is a big wooden playhouse, with lots of other wooden toys.

We headed into the museum, dedicated for Fujishiro Seiji. These pictures are created by back-lighting. Each shade and color is carefully constructed by layering filters or paper on a screen behind. The amount of detail is simply astonishing when you consider that the darker parts consist of several layers. Some were made to tessellate into a mirror. Fantastic stuff !!!