Saturday, 1 January 2011

Japan 2nd trip 7th day, Sep 24th Morning, Cha-Cha World a wooden toy museum, Ikutahara - Hokkaido

The Cha-Cha World, a wooden toy museum is styled so as to resemble a German wooden toy castle with towers and gaudy colors.

An impressively huge collection of 100,000+ wooden toys from all over the world is housed in the castle-like building. From mechanical toys to music boxes to Japanese dolls. On the 2nd floor, there is a big wooden playhouse, with lots of other wooden toys.

We headed into the museum, dedicated for Fujishiro Seiji. These pictures are created by back-lighting. Each shade and color is carefully constructed by layering filters or paper on a screen behind. The amount of detail is simply astonishing when you consider that the darker parts consist of several layers. Some were made to tessellate into a mirror. Fantastic stuff !!!

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