Sunday, 16 October 2011

Dedicated for Singapore General Hospital Ward54B - NICU nurses

1st column: born premature transferred immediately to ICU with incubator, had jaundice couple times, lose weight from 1.575kg to 1.3kg. We were dishartened when we saw how tiny and skiny she was. However nurses gave us courage and their dedication did feel us comfortable that our daughter was in good hands.

2nd column: moved from ICU to high dependency on 5th day. She gradually gain weight, could drink milk from the bottle directly and we were able to carry her.

3rd column: after 3 weeks 4 days, our daughter went back home. She was 1.945kgs when discharged (Sep 11th) and now her weight is more than 3kgs.

We would like to thank you to Nurse Linda who kept giving us courage, Nurse Bettina and Nurse Maebel cared so much to our daughter and other nurses whom we can't remember individually their names.

Noemie 2nd mths cake

Thank you to all nurses @ ward 54B

I like to play @ Rainforest

Peaceful and happiness

But most of the time, I'm really sleepy ... zzz...zzz

One day, I may become a stewardess

Driving test preparation

Gong Xi Fa Cai

I'm 5 months now (3 months ED). I can lift up my head.

Love kiss from Mickey (Daddy) and Minnie (Mommy)