Saturday, 2 January 2010

Japan trip 5th day, Nov 16th Part 2 - Matsushima Bay

Our next destination was Matsuhima Bay. We had to take local train from Yamagata to Sendai. This how the Yamagata station looks ...
Food stall
  Unlike normal train, you have to press Open/Close button to open/close door.

  We took lunch @ Sendai station, standing lunch.
Some views at Sendai station/train.

so tired ...

and here we are @ Matsushima Bay. Matsushima is a group of islands in Miyagi Prefecture, Japan. There are some 260 tiny islands (shima) covered in pines (matsu) – hence the name – and is ranked as one of the Three Views of Japan.

Godaido is a small temple hall on an islet just next to the pier. Due to its prominent location, it has become a symbol of Matsushima. Godaido was built in 807 and contains five statues which where enshrined by the same priest who founded nearby Zuiganji. The statues are displayed to the public only once every 33 years, and were last displayed in 2006.


Dinner but we didn't take @ this stall

To be continued Day 6th ...