Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Japan 2nd trip 5th day, Sep 21st Afternoon, Mount Kurodake - Sounkyo, Hokkaido

Sounkyo is a touristy hot spring resort in a narrow valley of Daisetsuzan National Park with a pleasant village center, onsen baths and beautiful nearby waterfalls. It is also a good base for walks and hiking tours into the national park.

The Sounkyo Ropeway departs from next to the Sounkyo Visitor Center in the recently redeveloped village center. It is followed by a chair lift, which brings you to within a 1-2 hour hike of the summit of Mount Kurodake (1984 meters). The classic 1-2 day tour for advanced hikers continues from the summit of Kurodake to the summit of Asahidake, from where one can descend to Asahidake Onsen. 

Ready for riding up
Unfortunately we come a bit late, the park is close quite early.

We see something phenomenal @ the sky

Our favorite hotel, Toyoko-Inn.

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