Saturday, 12 December 2009

Japan trip 3rd day, Nov 14th Part 1 - Tokyo Tower

It has been cloudy here in Tokyo since we arrived, to bad for photo shooting however holiday had to continue 8-)

Today destination was Tokyo Tower before we proceeded to Tokyo Disney Sea (hurrayyyy...). While OTW we saw World Trade Center building, tall enough but not really impressive.

Finally we arrived @ Tokyo Tower,
[History: Tokyo Tower (東京タワー, Tōkyō tawā?) is a communications and observation tower located in Shiba Park, Minato, Tokyo, Japan. At 332.5 metres (1,091 ft), it is the tallest self-supporting steel structure in the world and the tallest artificial structure in Japan. The structure is an Eiffel Tower-inspired lattice tower that is painted white and international orange to comply with air safety regulations.]

[Tokyo Tower has two observation decks—the Main Observatory and the Special Observatory; both offer a 360 degree view of Tokyo and, on clear days, Mount Fuji can be seen to the south. The two-floor Main Observatory, located at 145 m, provides visitors with a view of Tokyo and houses several attractions. The first floor is home to a small café and Club 333, a small stage that is used to put on live music shows.. Also located on this floor are two "look down windows" that allow visitors to stand over a small clear window and look to the ground 145 m below. The second floor (at 150 m) houses a small souvenir shop and a Shintoshrine, the highest shrine in the special wards of Tokyo. The elevators leading to the Special Observatory are also located on this floor. Departing on these elevators, visitors can reach the Special Observatory. a small, circular, completely enclosed observatory located at 250 m. ]

Some views from Main Observatory:
and this is how it looks from top ...

Of course we didn't forget for being a narcissist person :D
this is one of Amazing Race Road Blocks called "Do you dare to stand?"
trust me ... I did my best ...

After seeing a nice cityscape and 'interesting' standing, it's time for ... LUNCH !!! (My favorite itinerary).
Our lunch menu were Udon Subo and Pork Curry,
damn hard this pork !!!
Now we were going to Disney Sea, OTW we passed by Zojoji temple.

[History: Zojoji was founded in 1393 as an orthodox and fundamental nembutsu seminary for Jodo shu in the Kanto (east Japan) region.
Zojoji was relocated to the present site in 1598 after Ieyasu Tokugawa, founder of the Tokugawa shogunate, entered Edo (present-day Tokyo) in 1590 to establish his provincial government. After the start of the Edo Period when the Tokugawa shogunate ruled Japan, Zojoji became the family temple of the Tokugawa family and an unparalleled grand cathedral was built. Zojoji also served as an administrative center to govern the religious studies and activities of Jodo shu. In those days, its precincts covered an area of 826,000 square meters which also contained 48 smaller attached temples and about 150 grammar schools. Moreover, as many as 3,000 priests and novices always resided here as students.]

There are a lot of Jizo statues inside the temple.

[History: Jizo Bodhisattva is a much beloved figure in Japan, Korea, and China, who is just becoming increasingly well known. Jizo is a special protector of children, travelers, and women. Jizo is also known to help those who are working with a life problem or physical affliction.]
and this is our 1st autumn view, very beautiful color ...

to be continued on Part 2 - Disney Sea ...


  1. So I guess it's better to be in Tokyo tower while there's still some light. Good to know! :)
    Any tips from Japan trip?

  2. Not really, at night you may see a nice light cityscape.

    Tip? Simple, have enough money and not afraid being an 'alien' :)